Domaine des Tilleuls: Muscadet Sèvre et Maine & Loire wines




Founded in 1905, Domaine des Tilleuls is a family owned and operated winery dating back five generations. Today, Daniel, Evelyne, and their children Jérôme and Noémie, perpetuate this history and tradition through their shared passion for wine-growing.

Located on the western side of the Loire Valley, near the Atlantic Ocean, our vineyard is spread over beautiful hillsides and small valleys, on an exceptional terroir of schist based soils with a silty clay bottom, ideal for growing vines. Our grapes are grown in the Nantais vineyards, where cool maritime influences and a long growing season provides a unique environment for our different grape varieties. Management of the vineyard is done in accordance with the best practices of sustainable agriculture enabling the soil to express its very best qualities while contributing to the preservation of our environmental heritage for futures generations. 

Thanks to our recognized know-how, combined with the latest wine-making techniques, we are dedicated to producing high quality wines that define and respect our terroir. Our ambition is to create elegantly-textured Muscadet wines and refined Loire wines; each cuvée expressing the full potential of its grape variety and the typicality specific to each vintage. 

Ours is a family legacy, with simple and universal values such as sharing, the love of work well done, and authenticity. Our winemaking philosophy is based on a common resolve to continually improve the quality of our wines by emphazing on balance, finesse and complexity through the combination of both tradition and modernity. Our wines are today appreciated and enjoyed by wine lovers throughout France and in several countries around the world.



Muscadet Sèvre et Maine 

“Old Vines Selection” 


Tasting notes:
“ Pale gold with brilliant highlights. Very mineral nose with accents of dried fruits, heather and ripe citrus. A Muscadet focusing on finesse, elegance and aromatic complexity. Suave mouthfeel with restrained acidity. A top-flight wine with real sense of place.” 

Muscadet Selected Old Vines



Domaine des Tilleuls




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